Odrive v3.6 current surge affecting USB?

Hi, I wanted to check if it is possible for a current surge in the Odrvie v3.6 to affect the its USB connectivity. My Odrive was initially working fine but I’m currently facing some unstable connectivity issues after using it in high current conditions.

It’s not that it keep disconnecting from the computer, but when I connect it, it takes really long (~1min) for the odrivetool to show that the Odrive has been connected. Also, when I run simple commands like odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE which used to work last time, the motor no longer moves, which leads me to suspect that the controller is burnt. I am, however, still able to read the battery voltage using the odrv0.vbus_voltage so I’m not sure if its a USB connectivity issue too.

What puzzles me is that I set the current limit to 80A for both axis0 and axis1, so I dont understand how the controller could have been burnt, or that even if it is burnt how that could have connected the USB connectivity. To be sure, my input voltage is 42V, which is under the 56V limit of the Odrive v3.6. Appreciate any insight anyone might have on this issue!

Do you get any errors? dump_errors(odrv0)