Odrive v3.6 phase resistance error

Hi, just got my odrive 3.6 56v with connectors. I’m trying to set it up with some hoverboard wheels. Currently these is just one wheel connected using M0. M1 is not in use. Hall Effect wires are connected. Blue/Green/Yellow Phase wires are connected in any order into the motor. Voltage supplied is showing as 29v from an e-bike battery. I’ve followed the hoverboard-specific set up page, and at the calibration stage I get about a quarter-turn of the wheel at most and then the phase resistance error. I’ve read elsewhere on here that it’s likely a problem with a loose connection on a wire, but everything seems securely connected. Is there a specific connection I need to check i.e. is this error coming from one of the phase wires and I can ignore the hall sensor wires for now? Is there anything else I need to check? Thanks for any help

Ok i’ve got a bit further, by setting the calibration_current to 5, the resistance/inductance values come back in a normal range and there’s a beep. Although the wheel still only turns a fraction of a revolution, don’t know if that’s normal or not.

Anyway next stage is the encoder calibration - after requesting the encoder calibration state I check the values - no errors reported but the offset_float is 0, and the next steps where I test the wheel turn by using vel_setpoint does nothing.

Any ideas, please?

nm it’s all sorted now