ODrive with 6374 as spindle motor on Taig CNC mill

Hi everyone, I’m working on an upgrade project with my Taig CNC mill and have been looking for a new spindle motor. Mainly looking to upgrade to get more power and use a lighter spindle motor.

The spindle motor is connected to the spindle cartridge with a belt reduction. My ideal spindle speed range would be 0-10,000 rpm so I’ll select a reduction based on that. I believe that for the 150kv 6374 motor I’ll need an increase of about 2:1. I’d like to use the Odrive/6374 in constant velocity mode.

I do have a couple questions about this application:

  • Is the 6374 up to the task? I would probably add a 60mm fan for cooling but would like to be able to run CNC jobs for at least several hours continuously.
  • With a 2:1 increase should I have useable torque over the full range of the motor? Ideally would like useable torque down to around 1000rpm
  • What size power supply should I be looking at for this? I’ve been looking at 48v 500w and 750w power supplies but am not sure if those are rated high enough.

Here’s the two other servo motors I’m considering for reference:

I’m considering the Odrive/6374 combo mainly to save weight, as it weighs around 1kg less than my other options. At the same time I don’t really want to get stuck with something that eats a motor every 100 operating hours or something.

Appreciate the help/advice!

As long as there’s not side-loads on the shafts they’re pretty good.

These motors can generate max torque at all speeds.

Up to your load conditions, not so much the motor. How much power do you expect your CNC to put put into the block that you’re cutting? The bigger the power supply, the better your feeds & speeds.

I think most people recommend just using a real spindle motor though…