Odrive with HALL configuration problem

Hello all,

I try to use next motor with odrive:

There are no documentation regarding this but I found out, that this motor has a 5 pole pairs and hall sensors included.
I set basic parameters, but I am unable to do calibration successful. Problem is with encoder cpr - I set it to 30 (6*pole pairs), but error still occurs. I did try with shadow count function, but this shows only 20 pulses per round instead of 30… The connection is good and numbers change with rotation too.

I have the same odrive from different project (not mine) - and when I connected HALL sensors to this another driver it shows in shadow count registers 30 cpr instead 20 from another driver.

Do somebody has any idea regarding this?

odrive 1 - (HW version 3.6.56 / FW version 0.5.1 unreleased register = 1) - this is not working properly
odrive 2 - (HW version 3.6.56 / FW version 0.5.1 unreleased register = 0) - this is working properly

What is “unreleased state in FW version registers?”.

Very thank for any help.


Which error do you get? You may get hall effect sensor polarity issues…

One of these devices is on 0.5.1, the other is on 0.5.2. If you update them both to 0.5.3 you’ll probably have better luck.