Odrive with no model version detected for odrivetool dfu

i had some trouble updating my odrive to remove the control deadline missed error when using PWM control (dfu won’t work).
I tryed to use STM cube programmer and accidentaly hit earesed the chip memory.
now i can’t find it in flashings softwears (stm cube or DfuSeDemo) but odrivetool dfu find it some how but with no hardwear vesion or firmwear version.
Since it can’t detect hardwear version the dfu can’t determinate which version to download.

please help me, i almost spend 3 day on trying to solve errors to end in this situation, it’s realy

thanks you :slight_smile: .

Since you have erased the DFU bootloader, it won’t work on USB right now. You will need to use STM32 Cube programmer to program it via the SWD pins.
Once you have plugged the programmer into the SWD header, open the Firmware/build/ODriveFirmware.hex file and use the Program/Verify button…

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