ODrive's Status LED is off and that odrivetool is unable to find the drive

Before I had even finished reading through the Getting Started page, the ODrive pro (58V max) that we purchased suddenly stopped operating after a while.

In detail:

The drive was connected to the computer Via a USB cable with a USB Isolator. The device powered up and we could see it through odrivetool the first few (two or three) times we turned on the power. As the Getting Started page directed us, we were able to read the initial few configuration options. Nevertheless, the device then unexpectedly stopped functioning.

We now saw that the ODrive’s Status LED is off and that odrivetool is unable to find the drive. Yet, I would see a partial light in the status LED when we pressed a few components on the drive.
Our observation of the 17 mA current drawn by Odrive after applying 48 V through a regulated source verified that there was no short circuit in Odrive.

We carefully examined the drive and discovered no flaws, scorch marks, or other issues.

Before the drive quit working, we were not even close to starting the motor. The drive has only communicated with odrivetool over USB after waking up.

As we strictly followed the Getting Started guidelines, I’m not sure what we could have done.

Anyone here with any insight on what may have occurred or what we can do to address it?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

I’m so sorry your Pro has quit working, if we can’t get this working and it turns out this unit was defective we can replace it for you.
Could you provide some more detailed info about the setup when this happened? Pictures would be great, explain how everything was mounted etc. A wiring diagram is going to be crucial, feel free to DM me if you would prefer to keep these details private.

Thanks for reply,
We Just connected the Odrive to the PC using the USB cable through the USB isolator ; there was no particularly complicated wiring diagram. To view the configurations after connecting, we visited the Web Gui (gui.odriverobotics.com) and clicked the connected new device button. But initially, everything went smoothly, and we could view all the configuration settings. Additionally, we tried to upgrade the firmware using the command “odrivetool dfu” but were unsuccessful and received an error (sorry, I forgot to record that message). Before updating the firmware, we had taken the old firmware using the command “odrivetool backup-config my_config.json.” Although we were able to see the ODrive via the web GUI and odrivetool, after reconnecting the USB, there would be no device found through Odrivetool and web GUI, also no color on status led. But by touching some components we could see partial blue color light on Status led.
For better understand please see the below figures:

Note: we did not connect any motor and other peripherals except USB or 48 V supply

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.

Hmm, were you able to see the ODrive in odrivetool and the GUI after the failed dfu?
When you say

at which point did the USB get disconnected?

Try flipping the dip switch from “RUN” to “DFU” and running odrivetool dfu again, if it doesn’t work please post the error message that it gives.

Also, minor clarification: running odrivetool backup-config my_config.json does not create a backup of the firmware, it only saves the user config that is on the device.

Thanks for valuable suggestion to make it work our Odrive pro.

Any time!

So your ODrive is working again?