Odrivetool can't run command

Hi sir:

I have installed odrivetool, but it can’t run command. log as below:

yuanmm@yuanmm-ThinkPad-P50:~$ sudo odrivetool
ODrive control utility v0.4.7
Please connect your ODrive.
You can also type help() or quit().

In [1]: odrv0.vbus_voltage

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/fibre/shell.py in
----> 1 odrv0.vbus_voltage

NameError: name ‘odrv0’ is not defined

In [2]:

Hey Kevin,

You should wait for the blue message in ODrivetool which says:

Connected to ODrive 00000 as odrv0

After this, your ODrive is declared as odrv0.

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This traceback error occurs if USB communication to the Odrive board hasn’t been established yet. There is a “parameter configuration” object that gets downloaded to odrivetool from the odrive firmware once communication has been established. This “parameter configuration” object provides information to odrivetool on all of the supported parameters and their data types. Without it, odrivetool generates the error that you are seeing.

Usually there is a little bit of a delay (~20 sec?) for the parameter discovery process to fully complete. If 30 seconds after you have run odrivetool you aren’t seeing some type of message that you have connected to a board with S/N XXXXXX then you are likely having problems with your USB setup. To get more verbose output run odrivetool with the -v option. If you are continuing to have issues take a look at the troubleshooting steps under the USB Connectivity Issues section in the Docs

Hi sir:
thank you for your replay! I will check USB connection.