Odrivetool liveplotter error

I’ve been trying to use the liveplotter as I want to monitor the current sent to my motors (2 KV180 motors driven by a ODrive v3.6) in real time.

However, when I send the command ‘odrivetool liveplotter’ in a new anaconda prompt window, I get the following errors: (see picture).

There seems to be a window that pops up really quickly but closes instantly so I cannot tell exactly what’s going on.

Can anybody tell me the cause of these errors? Or some troubleshooting paths as I am not really familiar with python debugging.

What version of Python? Because we’re actually doing something we’re not supposed to (in regards to multithreading) with the liveplotter, so errors are somewhat expected.

When I enter python --version in Anaconda Prompt I get:
Python 3.9.12
Also, if that’s relevant to you, I have:
Anaconda-client 1.9.0
Anaconda-navigator 2.1.4
Anaconda-project 0.10.2

@SamDallain @Wetmelon
Have you solved the problem, because I have this error message.