Odrv0.save_configuration() fails

Hi, I’m using the Odrive Pro 56V. I use USB isolator. I have read other topics on the subject, but no answer found, that’s why I try here. When I execute the save config function, I have the following message :

Connected to ODrive Pro 346236643330 as odrv0
In [1]: odrv0.save_configuration()
←[93;1m08:08:13.65370100 [LEGACY_OBJ] protocol failed with 3 - propagating error to application←[0m
Oh no odrv0 disappeared

To me it doesn’t seem normal and the configurations don’t seem to save. However, if I unplug the drive and plug it back, the configurations seems to still be there… I’m wondering why I get this message eveytime I try to save the configs.


That is a standard error, running odrv0.save_configuration() will also run odrv0.reboot() and the error is because the odrive disconnects from USB when it is rebooting, the stuff about LEGACY_OBJ is just part of the system and nothing to worry about