One of the axis does not detect encoder

We have multiple odrives each connected to two motors and encoders(AMT102-v). On one of the odrives any motor-encoder set connected to axis 1 does not work. It does the motor calibration and the encoder index search just fine. But when we run encoder_offset_calibration it throws EncoderError. NO_RESPONSE. Since the encoder finds the index we believe that it could be the A and B pins on axis 1 of the odrive that are not working. We are using the same configuration for all axes on all odrives. Is there something that we are misssing? How do diagnose the problem?

Hi! You could try to use oscilloscope or digital analyzer to see signal levels on a, b, x wires to ensure that all signals correct. Did you used original Odrive or china clone? You could also check the soldering of the encoder’s pins soldering to ensure that all is fine :slight_smile:

We bought the original one. We checked the continuity of the encoder pins on the odrive and it is okay. The encoder also produces the signals fine because they work with the other axis.