Out of no where error

okay so im using odrive 3.6 with 5.5 , up until now everything worked great with raspi 4 running ubuntu 20.04 with usb isolator and using pwm for now from r/c controller. the second i have both odrives connected one as odrv0 and ordv1 no matter which odrive i put in axis state closed loop i get this error

00:17:00.723069232 [USB] Failed to get active config descriptor: Success (0)
and when i put second odrive in AXIS_STATE_CLOSED_LOOP the second one gets same error. but if i try closed loop on one of them alone works perfect then if i turn 2nd one same thing works fine. its only when both are connected. anyone have any ideas?

was also thinking would it be the same if i used only 1 usb isolator with hub work ok or should i stick with a usb isolator on each port

Could you please share a diagram and/or picture showing how everything is wired together?