PC cannot detect odrive w/ WetMelon's RazorsEdge firmware

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to flash RazorsEdge on the odrive v3.5 48v, for CAN functionality. For some reason odrive does not come up in device manager when flashed with RazorsEdge. The CAN branch also does not work.

When building and flashing the official odrive firmware releases, everything works. A very old Wetmelon release also works, but it doesn’t have all the CAN functionality I want. I am using DfuSeDemo as seen in (here), if that makes a difference.

Maybe I’m building the firmware incorrectly, and a precompiled .hex file for RazorsEdge odrive v3.5 48v would help? I’m open to other suggestions. Thanks.

Double check that your tup.config has 3.5-48V listed and not 3.6 or other

Yeah it’s configured as 3.5-48v. I noticed RazorsEdge is missing from your github. Perhaps fixing up something? What do you recommend in the meantime for CAN functionality?

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All of the functionality has been moved to the devel branch https://github.com/madcowswe/ODrive/tree/devel

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