Phase inductance out of range after changing shunts


I’m trying to drive an industrial servomotor Mitsubishi HG-KR43 using odrive. With standard shunt resistors, it passes the calibration but because of the low current, odrive has some problems with controlling it.
I decided to change resistors to 3mohm.
After doing that I changed the resistor value in the code and now whenever I try to go through the calibration process I got

Also when I check the phase inductance in odrivetool it’s negative
phase_inductance: -0.0037159868516027927
I’ve checked the soldering twice and everything looks good.

Could you please help?

Motor max current is around 9A and winding resistance is 3.2Ohm

Did you check the recommendations in the error code? ODrive.Motor.Error | ODrive

Yes, nothing worked.
It’s really strange to me that it’s been working with the old shunts. I believe it shouldn’t change anything in terms of phase inductance. Also, what about the negative value of inductance? What can cause that?