Pixar Lamp with position control


I would like to tinker a Pixar lamp and give it some life. It should be close to the original design of the Anglepoise lamp. The lamp basically consists of metal rods and springs that compensate gravity and hold the position.

I was thinking about some nice gimbal motors without a shaft that could be attached to the axes. But - as far as I saw most of them do not have encoders integrated.

Would somebody have some proposals for small motors with integrated encoders for position control?
It does not need high torque and should be pretty :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a really interesting project!

One option is to use something like the OA1 and add a magnet to the back of the motor, or you could even put an ODrive Micro on there.

Cubemars is a good place to find gimbal motors, but they definitely don’t have integrated encoders. I think that any you find are going to be quite specialty and pretty expensive – probably better to add an encoder yourself.

Hi, thank you for pointing me to cubemars. It seems as some of their gimbals have integrated absolute encoders.

The G30 is the smallest one costs 50$ and has an absolute encoder with a resolution of 0.01degree.

Torque = 0.08Nm ~= 0.816kg/cm

link: cubemars g30

The iPower Motor GM3506 also looks good. It’s also around 50$ and has a 14bit resolution resulting in 0.0219 degree.

Torque = 1.5 kg/cm

Link:iPower Motor GM3506

Does anybody have some experience with the cubemars or ipower motors in combination with an Odrive and position control?
Any recommendations or warnings?

The G30 comes with a built-in controller, but it’s going to be pretty terrible frankly. I like the look of the GM3506 with the built-in AS5048! Note the 14-bit resolution is a lie though, it’s more like 10-11 noise free bits, but does the job.

Only thing I’d note is to use an ODrive Micro if you can, it’s much better at control for low-current motors than the other ODrives are (as it’s optimized for low current ranges).

The correct cubemars motor with an encoder is the GL30 - not the G30. The GL30 costs 75$

Link: Cubemars GL30

Ah gotcha. Should work still!