#please connect your ODrive

Hi !
I’m new to this.I’m using odrive v3.6-56V
I was working on the odrive using ubuntu 20.04 connected via USB, and used odrivetools to perform some commands that were listed on the getting started page. and also connected the odrive using ros2 and everything was perfect, now suddenly when I try to connect the odrive using odrivetool or ros2 I got ''please connect your odrive and it seems the USB is no longer detectable.
I tried out different cables and used different pc and jetson nano kit, still the same things.
I change it to dfu mode (moved the switch from run to dfu) and still not detectable.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

I have similar problem and searching for solution too

It could be a permissions issue. Have you run sudo odrivetool udev-setup ?
Check that ODrive shows up when you do sudo dmesg -w

I have tried your solution @towen but still get

[ 3890.192217] usb usb1-port2: attempt power cycle
[ 3890.844522] usb 1-2: new low-speed USB device number 29 using xhci_hcd
[ 3890.844925] usb 1-2: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 3891.052692] usb 1-2: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 3891.260148] usb 1-2: device not accepting address 29, error -71
[ 3891.388547] usb 1-2: new low-speed USB device number 30 using xhci_hcd
[ 3891.389116] usb 1-2: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 3891.596750] usb 1-2: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 3891.804362] usb 1-2: device not accepting address 30, error -71
[ 3891.804463] usb usb1-port2: unable to enumerate USB device

That looks like a hardware issue.
Either you have a dodgy USB cable, or you have some current flowing back to GND via the USB.

Is there a path back to GND through the controller? (do they share a ground?) If so, you may need an isolator.

Also, when you tried DFU mode, did you flip the switch while power was off? (or power cycle it afterwards) - the switch setting is only applied at power on.
See what dmesg says in DFU mode.

I’m using the recommended USB isolator. I had no problems before , and i have established connection before in this setup. I have posted a thread, where i have described my problem: here

I have tried switching to DFU mode, but there is no change in the responce. I have switched when power was off. So you say i have to switch to DFU when power is on and then power cycle it ?

Interesting. Can you try without the isolator? (so long as there is no power flowing and the grounds are at the same potential it will be fine) It’s possible that the isolator has gone bad somehow.

You can switch the DFU switch at any point, but it will only take effect when you first apply power.