Pole pare distance on linear bldc motor

Is it possible to input measurement of pole pair distance and coil pack config, eg 45mm magnet pole pitch, 12-coils total length 140 mm.

I also need to use end stops min Max because my magnetic encoder tape doesn’t have index points.

I saw it’s been worked out and setting up for that.
But it seems to me from watching the calibration sequence the coil is pulling to phase lock. Is there a way of getting it to only cycle the poles that are there.

At the moment it is disrespecting the boundary and doing multiple turns.

I’m using a v3.6 56v
Incremental linear encoder magnetic.
Resolution 0.001mm
Home made coil pack and magnet set.

Cheers in advance

Sorry, can you elaborate? Endstops are likely not precise enough for indexing, but you can calibrate on startup. You could enter the CPR based on the encoder counts per electrical revolution instead.

Calibration distance can be changed using ODrive Reference — ODrive Documentation 0.5.4 documentation

I have 5 X pole pairs that are accessible to run the motor coils with.
But there are 6x pole pairs all up.
This is a ironless tubular bldc motor.
If I start full calibration sequence, it passes the inductance test ,then shoots to the next pole pair then the next and so on until crashes into frame 2 times then back the other way.

I start it at one end of the encoder strip then stops back in the middle after bouncing.
I had it set to 5x pole pairs, then 4 all the way to 2x poles same thing.
I Also made sure to set the counts for the encoder to stop before the end of the strip

I also reduced that measurement from 305 mm down to 20mm .

I ran dump error and each time it read incremental encoder error cpr -pole pairs mismatch ,

I’m using a ttl plug and using the 3 signal leads a, b, z. The 5v and 0v to ground .
I was going to connect up a differential line receiver but I’m getting good graph read out.
Also did shadow count.
It didn’t rise or fall but gave single read out of that position.
Also noticed the count change when I moved position asking for shadow count again.
Just no z index on the magnetic strip.

Unless there is a way to trigger it by putting a magnetic line on the end or a metal strip.
I’m stuck with this or I buy another strip with index.
Actually would a inductive end stop be as good as index?

Sorry for taking up your time.
Thanks in advance

calib_scan_distance*: Float32Property*

The distance the motor is turned during encoder offset calibration. This is in the electrical frame, so if you want a 7pp motor to turn 1 mechanical revolution, you would put (7 * 2*pi)
What exact script do write to input.
I’m having trouble getting this to except the script.
Do I need maths download