Pos_setpoint wierdness - solved, own fault, loose encoder

Hi all. New user, and I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong/missed something in the docs, but I’m experiencing some odd behavior. I’ve built the current version the master branch, set the required variables, and loaded it on the board; no problems, thanks for all the clear instructions. The behavior I’m seeing is that if I use the explore_odrive/ipython interactive interface to the board, if I write smallish numbers to pos_setpoint the motor runs and then stops without much visible overshoot of the set point (I haven’t graphed it or anything to really know what’s happening). Setting the set point to 0 brings the motor back as expected. If I run it to a higher set point though, like say 13000, it way overshoots and then settles down. It behaves as if the position gain has been turned way down. From this point, if I do a set point of 0, the motor just sits there. If I give it a little help by hand it takes off like a bat out of hell, and then stops somewhere. From this point the board is no longer responsive to further writes to pos_setpoint. The motor and encoder in question are the N5065 and 2400 CPR no name encoder from the shop. The behavior is consistent between two motor/encoder pairs. They are mounted to a 3d printed frame I made - after another revision or so I’ll upload it if there’s interest.

Tiny bit of additional info: once the motor stops after pos_setpoint=15000, encoder.pll_pos=~6300.

Are you available for a live support session today?

Thanks so much for the offer - I was just reading other support topics and based on what I read I double checked my setup. This was totally my fault, and somehow I did this on two separate assemblies - the encoder was under-tightened on the shaft. It must have stayed just in-phase enough to work on short moves, but slipped out of phase on longer ones. Sorry for the noise, and thanks again for offering up your time to help.

A nice addition to the board might be a status led that can blink codes to report specific error conditions. If I end up rolling this into a project I’ll be tempted to utilize a GPIO line to this end.

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Okay, glad you were able to solve it :smiley:

@stevegalle are you talking about uploading the motor frame 3D print file?

Yeah I can either upload a cad file or an STL, or both I suppose, whatever is most useful. One or two little tweaks left that I’d like to make first but it’s pretty much good to go.

and STL file would be awesome! :slight_smile: please :slight_smile: