Possible fried board, no longer communicating through USB

I suspect some pins on the back of my board got shorted to the power pins and now the board pulls 0.5A not connected to anything, the power LED no longer turns on, and it does not communicate through USB.

The odrive board was a sizable investment I hoped to use for a number of projects so I would like to repair it if possible. I noticed the U2 chip has a small burn mark on it so I suspect it is the chip that is done. Is this a reasonable assumption? Anything else I could check to verify other components are fine?

I would attempt to replace it myself, but everywhere I look has a year lead time due to the chip shortage. Has anyone found a supply for these chips?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, unfortunately it’s very possible to destroy U2 (the STM32 processor) if you hit it with anything above 3.3 or 5v, depending on the pin, and it has a tendency to fail short like you’re seeing.

The chip is the STM32F405RGT6. I hate to bring the bad news, but we also have sourcing problems so I don’t have any recommendations.