Powersupply and cabling


I already bought an odrive 24V with the recommended motors and encoders from the shop. I was fascinated by the lite-placer demo and wanted to test odrive with the setup I’m currently building based on Anthony Webb‘s design (which is quite similar to liteplacer, but utelizing quality linear rails).
What kind of wattage is recommended for such a setup and what minimum diameter cabling is advisable (since high quality shielded cables rated for continous movement aren’t exactly cheap)?

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The cabling requirement depends on your choice of motor and how aggressive you drive it. A reasonable starting point for your calculation would be something like 50A motor drive current and around 30% duty cycle (the X/Y axis will be doing hard accelerations only a portion of the time).
These motors are 3-phase motors, so due to the sinusoidal current, their RMS current is 1/\sqrt{2} times as much as the motor current. Therefore you need to get cables rated for:

I_{motor} \frac{\sqrt{d}}{\sqrt{2}} = 50 \frac{\sqrt{0.3}}{\sqrt{2}} A \approx 20A

Of course if you plan to use a different motor current (torque/acceleration), or your motion exhibits a different duty cycle, you need to adjust the above accordingly.

Thanks for your reply!

The motors I intend to run are the D5065 270kv from your shop.
For a power supply I can’t run the one from amazon.com you suggested in another thread, since I need 230V units and rather buy from european stores - is there anything specific I should look out for?

Server power supplies on eBay can be very good value: very high power/current output for low cost. Other than that just about any 24V power supply with enough power for your application will be fine.