Problem: card power off

Hello All,

I ordered and received 2 odrives cards recently; one card works fine, but the other only worked for a week and now turns off as soon as I plug it in. I removed all the cables, but I have the same problem. I tested it with the same power supply (6s lipo) as with the card which works correctly. Do you have any idea on this problem?
Thank you for your help !

A new odrive user, Laurent
ps: sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hi Laurent,

When you say โ€˜it turns off as soon as I plug it inโ€™ do you mean: you see the green light come on and then go off?
Or it doesnโ€™t light at all?

the green diode (PWR) lights up and goes out 2 or 3 seconds later

Does the CPU on the board get hot? Can you measure the 5V and 3.3V lines?


I took some measures


What version of the card do you have?


I have version 3.6 of this card.
I sent an email to with the description of the problem and they will send me a new card !
odrive robotics is very professional :+1:
thanks to them


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