Problem with axis 1

I think my ODrive is damaged,
I have a motion platform with two identical Turnigy S3 1400 motors. M0 works fine, but M1 fails during the FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE with the following errors:
If I swap the motors, the motor connected to M0 works fine, but the motor connected to M1 is still broken.
I suspect that some part of my ODrive is damaged, but I don’t see any obvious damage on either side of the board. Anybody know anything I should check?

Are you sure they have identical config?

Try using odrivetool backup-config and then odrv0.erase_configuration() to reset to defaults, and see if the issue still occurs.
You can also make the config identical by editing the JSON file in a text editor that supports JSON.

I forgot to mention, but I already tried erasing the config and the error persists