Problem with calibration


Please we need help with the controlling of motors using ODrive. We are using Odrive 3.6, electromotor FOXXY and encoder TL501 2B E100. For the initial start, we tried odrivetool as well as Odrivetool GUI. The problem we have is in the initial calibration. After running the full calibration sequence, we got encoder error ENCODER_ERROR_CPR_POLEPAIR_MISMATCH. We know, that we set cpr and polepairs number in configuration correctly, so please can anybody help us how to debug it, or give us some clue, where to start looking for?

thank you in advance!

You need to make sure that shadow_count increases to the correct value when you turn the motor 1 revolution. If you have a low resolution per pole-pair, you may need to increase the calibration distance.