Problems Encoder Calibration, Motor does not move


I am using a T-motor U13 85 see here with an Odrive 48 V and an magnetic Encoder AEAT 8800-Q24. At the end I want to do velocity control and the motor is attached to a treadmile.
For the moment there is no load on the motor and I am doing encoder calibration. The encoder has an index but i did not connect the Z, because I do not need the index for velocity control and there has been problems with the index before. So far I did the Encoder offset calibration as mentioned in the documentation and the motor turned in both directions and calculated an offset of -5000 and the encoder state changes to “is ready”. After this I set a velocity for the controller but the motor does not move. If I push the motor a little bit, it moves with the set velocity one turn and then stopps immediatly. Odrive says there are no errors and there has been no issues with the motor calibration

My settings are

is_calibrated = True
pre_calibrated = True
pole_pairs = 12
resistance_calib_max_voltage = 12.0
phase_inductance = 3.6e-05
phase_resistance = 0.05
direction = -1
motor_type = 0
current_lim = 10.0
requested_current_range = 70.0
current_control_bandwith = 1000.0

mode = 0
use_index = False
cpr = 16384
offset = -5531offset_float = -0.127
bandwidth = 1000.0
brake_resistance = 2.0