Problems with instructions, help with initial setup

Trying to get ODrive Setup, not knowing what I’m doing, and im having some trouble understanding the instructions on this page :

In this section

To customize the compile time parameters, copy or rename the file Firmware/tup.config.default to Firmware/tup.config and edit the parameters in that file:

I don’t know why I would change the compile time, but if I dont need to change that, do I not have to preform this step? Also, it says to edit the parameters but doesn’t make any mention as to how, so I just renamed it to tup.txt, changed the parameters that I needed to, and named it back to tup.config. Is that correct?

Then this section "

Getting a programmer
Note: If you don’t plan to make major firmware modifications you can use the built-in DFU feature. In this case you don’t need an SWD programmer and you can skip OpenOCD related instructions.

If I dont want to make any major changes, just want to do an initial setup, so I want to skip the Open OCD instructions, does that mean that I dont need to follow instructions in this step

brew cask install gcc-arm-embedded: GCC toolchain+debugger
brew cask install osxfuse; brew install tup: Build tool
brew install openocd: Programmer

  • also in the above step I had to phone a friend to figure out what I was actually supposed to do with those lines of text, it isn’t clear.

This section doesn’t seem to have any corresponding instructions for Mac:

Flashing the firmware (standalone device)

Note: ODrive v3.4 and earlier require you to flash with the external programmer first (see below), before you can reflash in standalone mode.

Windows: Use the Zadig utility to set ODrive (not STLink!) driver to libusb-win32.
If ‘Odrive version 3.x’ is not in the list of devices upon opening Zadig, check ‘List All Devices’ from the options menu. With the Odrive selected in the device list choose ‘libusb-win32’ from the target driver list and select the large ‘install driver’ button.
Run make dfu in the Firmware directory.
Windows: During the update, a new device called “STM32 BOOTLOADER” will appear. Open the Zadig utility that you used when you first connected your ODrive and set the driver for “STM32 BOOTLOADER” to libusb-win32. After that the firmware upgrade will continue.
On some machines you will need to unplug and plug back in the usb cable to make the PC understand that we switched from regular mode to bootloader mode.
If you have multiple ODrives connected, you should specify which one to upgrade.

Run (lsusb -d 1209:0d32 -v; lsusb -d 0483:df11 -v) 2>/dev/null | grep iSerial to list the serial number of all flashable devices. Example output:
iSerial 3 385F324D3037
iSerial 3 306A396A3235
The last column is the serial number you’re looking for. You can unplug selected devices to track down the one you want to update.
Run make dfu SERIAL_NUMBER=385F324D3037, where 385F324D3037 is the targeted serial number.
Warning: Currently it is advised that you only do this to flash official unmodified firmware. Also make sure you don’t switch off the device during upgrade. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you need an external programmer to recover the device. This will be fixed in the future.

I’m going to switch over to windows and hopefully make this easier for myself.

I was thinking, and maybe in that last section im just supposed to skip over the bullet points that are for windows, so i’m trying that.

Also, in this step, is “make” a filename? I only see a file named “makefile” in that directory.

Run make in the Firmware directory.

I cant find this file

Run make dfu in the Firmware directory.

or this one

Run make dfu in the Firmware directory.

and this doesn’t make sense to me:

Run make dfu SERIAL_NUMBER=385F324D3037, where 385F324D3037 is the targeted serial number.

I think I should just show you how to do this stuff on a teamviewer session. You can add me on google hangouts using my @odriverobotics email.

…invite sent!