Programmable ignition

My main goal is to create a hefty table top router but I’m a bit lost when it comes to the electrical side of things and programming. I have a big interest in motorbikes and to get my old Norton back on the Road I need to have the magneto rebuilt. Rather than doing this however I plan on changing it to electronic ignition with, depending on how successful I am, possibly different ignition curves and /or knock detection. While I stumble about with all of this I hope to use the O - drive to simulate crank speed and hopefully test out my ignition.

Welcome! I think there are quite a few of the users of ODrive who are interested in a large format gantry machine (router or otherwise). So you are in good company!

How much power do you think you will need for cranking your motorbike?

Hi, I’m not planning on using it to turn the motor, the plan is to simulate the engine running at various speeds to hopefully allow me to sort out a firing device and ignition curve - then the table top router!