Python 2.7 Support (for ROS)



I have the python 3.5 odrivetool working with my motor.
However I need it to work with python 2.7 for use with Neomanic’s ROS node.
How do I run the odrivetool in python 2.7? Do I need to install odrive package into python 2.7 too?
The ROS node currently fails to launch due to not being able to import ‘odrive’

When I installed odrive it was as a 3.5 package - pip3 install odrive
My attempt to install it to 2.7 fails - pip install odrive

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Finally worked this out.
odrive needs to be installed as a python 2 package in order to work.
Note that neomanics 2.7 compatibility patch is no longer required as python 2.7 is now supported by the truck again.

To install as python 2.7 package:
pip install monotonic
pip install IPython==5.0 --user
sudo pip install odrive

See the ROS node itself: