Question about Native Protocol Sequence Numbers

Looking over the Native Protocol specs the Sequence Number fields looks pretty straight forward.

That is until I see an old post…

This article looks like it is talking about the odrive responding with the sequence number you send, but with bit 7 (msb of low order byte of a uint16) set.

Is this still the case?

The spec says the MSB will be set to 1, but that would be bit 15, not bit 7.


@Samuel will have to answer. As mentioned in your other post, you may want to look at the fibre-cpp or fibre repos and ask questions on Github.

With the latest release, if you’re writing your own client you don’t have to hardwire bit 7 of the sequence number to 1 anymore. This was only done for Fibre+ASCII protocol coexistence on the same physical interface but this is no longer a possible configuration option in firmware 0.5.2.