Question about the CAN interface

Hi, I am currently using an STM32H7 developement boards which has CAN interfaces on the board. I am using cubeMX to configure it and I realised It has 2 options 1. the classic CAN 2. CAN FD, while the CAN protocol is CANsimple on Odrive, I am wondering which one on stm32 would be usable for the CAN on Odrive to communicate or does neither FD and classic CAN not work? Thanks

You should pick Classic CAN for communicating with ODrive on CANSimple.

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Hi, thanks for the information,
just to clarify, I am not using odrive pro, I am using the odrive v3.6, would CAN classic still work? Also should I be using the stm32 as CAN master and the odrives as CAN slave?
Sorry if these questions are a bit rudimentary, I am a bit new to CAN

Yeah CAN Classic is appropriate for v3.6.
In principle yes use the STM32 as the master, that said the CAN bus is a arbitrated bus so on the bus level all nodes are peers.