RC PWM trouble, code from the ec-pwm.md doesn't work for me

ODrive hw3.6 fw0.54
Two hoverboard wheels are calibrated.

odrv0.config.gpio4_mode = GPIO_MODE_PWM
odrv0.config.gpio4_pwm_mapping.min = -2
odrv0.config.gpio4_pwm_mapping.max = 2
odrv0.config.gpio4_pwm_mapping.endpoint = odrv0.axis0.controller._input_pos_property

RC doesn’t work for me. How can I see what is the real pwm that come to the ports 3 and 4?
I use a servo and it feel the pwm.
I can activate input_vel from the odrivetool.
I’ve no idea where is a problem.

You can just read back input_pos to see what it thinks is the input position