Read Absolute Position in Teensy through odrivearduino library


I am trying to read pos_abs (absolute position) on pos_vel_mapper through teensy4.1,
I went through Arduino Library reference and it doesn’t seem that such command exist,
I need this reading as i added an offset on my pos_abs and i would like this to be my feedback to command the motor,
Any help on that?

Thank you,

Apparently, if the correct parameters in GUI were implemented to read pos_abs, the UART will send the pos_abs to Teensy as a default reading,
I mean by correct parameters what is mentioned here

You can also manually send commands and parse the response. See: ASCII Protocol — ODrive Documentation 0.6.8 documentation

For instance, sending r axis0.pos_vel_mapper.pos_abs\n would return the float value.

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This is really helpful,
Thank you