Reboot via Ascii protocol

I am trying to use Ascii protocol, which is working fine so far but i want to be able to reboot using the “sr” system command. When i send this command nothing happens. Is there something i need to enable to make this work.

Nope, should just work.

Thanks for the reply, i have spent some more time on this trying various things.
No luck with ‘sr’ command even though i can use ‘r’ ead, and ‘w’ rite commands no problem. However i have hooked up the reset pin on the Odrive board to my ESP32, and can use that by pulling it low for 0.5 seconds i can reboot successfully, just as a precaution does anyone know if this is safe to do when the
motors are spinning, is there any risk of damaging the board?

@Wetmelon done a bit more work with this, and turns out i just have older firmware the command “sb” does reboot, i see that this was updated to “sr” in a later firmware. Will probably update my board before
i continue much further.

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