Reversed index search does not work

I would like to reverse the index search. The documentation advises to change the sign of the values calibration_lockin.vel, calibration_lockin.accel and calibration_lockin.ramp_distance. For me, this causes the index search not to happen at all. I think this is also in line with the experiences described in the following posts:
· Startup against gravity with encoder with index pulse - #7 by jaykm
· Startup procedure rotation direction - #11 by Woke
· Unable to Reverse Index search direction

Is there a solution for the problem? Changing only calibration_lockin.vel or calibration_lockin.accel does not seem to help.

Yeah, someone else had this issue on Discord…

Seems that they got it to work by ONLY changing calibration_lockin.accel to be negative.

Thank you! I thought I had already tried that. But now that I have tested it again, I can confirm that it works if you only change the sign of calibration_lockin.accel.

This would be something that could be changed in the documentation. Maybe someone with access can change this section to something like:

Sometimes you would like the index search to only happen in a particular direction (the reverse of the default). Instead of swapping the motor leads, you can change the sign of <axis>.config.calibration_lockin.accel.