Robotic Lawn Mower project

I posted here, I think last summer about my robotic lawn mower project.

Here is an update :wink:

Motors are of course based on ODrive.

Juggernaut in action: (OneDrive movie link)!Apv2S-u3rGa7jb8bY4tsdEfMsEVKtQ

Maze and Juggernaut working together and cuts the same lawn from each side: (OneDrive movie link)!Apv2S-u3rGa7jb4x9lVZk8geb72fxw

The chassis are 3D printed and no boundary wire exists in this solution. They also cut the lawn systematically, 100% coverage each time, no more random behavior.
400 sqm takes about 1 hour 40 minutes.


Hi Carl, those are impressive machines. I especially like the systematic coverage. What techniques and technologies are you using for location and orientation sensing?

Excellent work! I’ve considered building a robo mower (I would call it a Yardba), but i was thinking more along the lines of having it follow simple rectangle/circle patterns while I take care of the rest with a regular mower. Your AI is far more impressive.

Thank you!

It is based on something called realtime-kinematics, it uses GPS satellites, but the precision is 2 cm, so it´s very accurate.
I´ve spent 3 years building this system, and right now it´s fully autonomous :slight_smile:


Thanks! How do you implement the orientation element? Are you using fusion of magnetic, wheel position and gyro sensors or is there a significant GPS RTK element to your orientation calculations? Any details of your general sensor fusion approach you’d be able to share?

Great job! Is your project an open source project? Can you share some design idea with us? Thanks!

Interesting project! RTK gives excellent accuracy. What are you using for path planning?