Ropebot: a cable driven robot

We are working on a cable driven robot using ODrive. The plan is to make a customizable system that can follow trajectories and control forces with up to 6 DOFs.

At the moment there is a prototype working with two motors. You can find a video on Youtube:

We want to make it an open source project, so we will upload the source code on Any comments or suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:


Oh man that looks awesome! Out of curiosity, what mode are you running it in? Current control? Also, you should put a little IMU on the load and do vibration dampening ;D

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Thanks. For following trajectories we are using position control, updating the setpoint every few milliseconds and calculating the velocity limit depending on the distance to the next point. Works surprisingly well.
For setting the force we are using current control.
IMU sounds like a good idea, but first we will try to stabilize the platform using more cables :slight_smile:

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I would love the review the code.

What particular usrcase do you want to address with it?