S1 Possible AMT24 Support?

Does the ODrive S1 support the AMT24? I know that it’s not on the list of supported encoders but according to the datasheet the interface is very very similar to the [AMT21](www.cuidevices .com/product/resource/amt21-v.pdf). I need an encoder with a larger bore than the AMT21, but the AMT21/23 are the only through bore absolute encoders supported according to the guide and [docs](docs.odriverobotics .com/v/latest/hardware.html). I tried looking through the [ODrive firmware](github .com/odriverobotics/ODrive) to see how the RS485 communication was implemented in order to gauge how hard it would be for me to add support if it doesn’t work out of the box before realizing the S1’s firmware is not there :​/

Hi! While we haven’t explicitly tested with the AMT24, you’re right that the protocol looks identical, so there shouldn’t be a fundamental issue using it. Note that you need to select the RS485 encoder mode as Rs485EncoderMode.AMT21_POLLING (in ODrivetool) or select “AMT21xB” in the GUI, as opposed to Rs485EncoderMode.AMT21_EVENT_DRIVEN / AMT21xB-V-OD.

Please let me know how it goes! If it works out of the box, we can add it to the supported encoder list, and if not, I’ll see if I can get my hands on one and debug it.

Thanks for the information! Turns out the AMT24 won’t be available for purchase until late this month which doesn’t work for my project’s timeline, but if I do end up testing it with the ODrive I’ll let you know how it goes.