Sensorless calibration returns

I just got my v3.6 56V and I’m trying to get the motor runnig. I’ve followed all steps in the Getting Started section of the doc and at the end of the sensorless setup I run odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL which does nothing and give the errors

  axis: Error(s):
  motor: no error
  DRV fault: none
  sensorless_estimator: no error
  encoder: no error
  controller: no error

I found out that the motor as to be calibrated first (which isn’t mentionned in the doc for some reason). When I input odrv0.axis1.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_MOTOR_CALIBRATION no movement at all and a very fainted sound but nothing more.

When I run dump.errors(odrv0) I get

  axis: Error(s):
  motor: Error(s):
  DRV fault: none
  sensorless_estimator: no error
  encoder: no error
  controller: no error

and the config is

I_bus_hard_max: inf (float)
I_bus_hard_min: -inf (float)
I_leak_max: 0.10000000149011612 (float)
R_wL_FF_enable: False (bool)
acim_autoflux_attack_gain: 10.0 (float)
acim_autoflux_decay_gain: 1.0 (float)
acim_autoflux_enable: False (bool)
acim_autoflux_min_Id: 10.0 (float)
acim_gain_min_flux: 10.0 (float)
bEMF_FF_enable: False (bool)
calibration_current: 100.0 (float)
current_control_bandwidth: 1000.0 (float)
current_lim: 65.0 (float)
current_lim_margin: 10.0 (float)
dc_calib_tau: 0.20000000298023224 (float)
inverter_temp_limit_lower: 100.0 (float)
inverter_temp_limit_upper: 120.0 (float)
motor_type: 0 (uint8)
phase_inductance: inf (float)
phase_resistance: 0.01120675913989544 (float)
pole_pairs: 7 (int32)
pre_calibrated: True (bool)
requested_current_range: 60.0 (float)
resistance_calib_max_voltage: 2.0 (float)
torque_constant: 0.03999999910593033 (float)
torque_lim: inf (float)

pretty sure the issue is the inductance being inf but I have no idea what is going on. Can someone please help me?

Hey, is this issue still a problem? I might have some guidelines since i’ve been dealing with the same situation (kindda).-

Sounds like your phase inductance is either too lower or too high. I see in the datasheet this is a delta-wound motor. That’s going to give ODrive a weird result, as it assumes it’s controlling a Wye motor.

If this is problem you need to carefully raise test config.resistance_calib_max_voltage. Sugest to check initial value and later increase with step 3-5V.
In my case that was solution.