SensorLess mode configuration for 24v, 3A BLDC motor

Hello I have a Nema 17 BLDC motor which is rated at 24v, 3A, 4000 Rpm. I want to control it in senseless mode and I am wondering how to setup the odrive configurations for current limits and motor type or other motor configuration parameters. Could any one help or suggest?.

Also is that motor suitable for controlling with Odrvie?.

Here is the motor details.

Act motor 42BLF02 Brushless DC Motor
Number of Poles: 8
Number of Phases 3
Nominal rated voltage 24 Vdc
Rated speed 4000 RPM
Nominal rated torque 0.125 N M
Rated Current 3.4 Amps
Output Power 52 watts
Peak torque 0.38 N M
peak current 4 amps
Torque Constant 0.036 N/Amps
Against – EMK back EMF 3.8 V/Krmp
Length motor Length 63 mm
Weight motor weight 0.38 kg

Thank you

ODrive is not really intended to drive such small current motors. For an application like this, I would recommend a simple ESC.

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Thank you for your response, so do you mean it is impossible and we cannot control such type of motors at all?. is there no way to control them with odrive?.

It’s possible (you would have to change the current sense shunt resistors to work with such a low current)
But when you use Sensorless mode, you are throwing away most of the features that make ODrive useful. (e.g. position control, torque control at low speed)
Similarly, you are throwing away most of the hardware cost i.e. ODrive can handle up to 5kW power, but this motor only handles 60W max. ODrive is therefore “a sledgehammer to crack a nut”.

What is your application? What makes you think that you need an ODrive?

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Thank you towen, I understand now, I basically took ODrive to test CANopen protocol, As, CANopen is an industrial level protocol, I felt ODrive as an open source project is good for learning that protocol. so I got one. Do you have any specific cheap motors list that could work with ODrive apart from the Odrive motors?.

If you only want to spin the motor, not do useful stuff with it, then it probably can work in sensorless mode as you describe. :+1:
If you want something that definitely will work, try the motors and encoders from the shop.
Beware that ODrive doesn’t yet include CANopen out of the box, I guess you are looking to add support for that?

Yes, that is the reason I bought a cheap motor and want to run in sensorless mode, I didn’t get how to configure the motor type and to run it in sensorless mode: I have chosen motor type GIMBAL and set the current limits to 3.5A and tried to run, but the motor didn’t spin. Also I don’t want to change any hardware or shunt resistors on the Odrive. If there is any possibility to configure and control it will be okay for me. Would you able to tell me the configuration settings for the above motor and the sequence steps to spin the motor?.

Yes, I would like to add support for CANopen in future, but I am currently not so much active in developing it. As it is a bit complex protocol, I myself was figuring out to develop an open source layer for it.