Short on new 3.3 Board

EDIT (a few hours later): Found the issue. Some of the legs on the STM32F4 were joined together. Pin 64 was bent and contacting pin 63 and pins in the area of 10-12 were also joined. Using some solder wick I managed to fix it but also In the process of trying to fix PIN 64, it broke off. But as there are multiple VCCs, this hopefully wont be an issue. Please let me know if so.

Hi, my name is Jonathon. This is my first post so hello everybody.

I received my 3.3 ODrive about a week ago. I was attempting to program it for the first time today. However I believe there is a short on the board between ground and VCC.

As I was attempting to program the board, I was having no luck getting the STM32 programmer working. It would be unrecognized when connected to the ODrive, but was ok when disconnected. I also found the cables to and from the ODrive were quite warm.

I then tried powering the ODrive from a bench power supply and it immediately went into current limiting mode drawing about 1Amp of current. I have probed around the ODrive and found that there is continuity between GND and VCC. This is with nothing connected to the drive.

It seems to be intermittent on the DC input, but on J2, J3 and J4 I get constant continuity between VCC and GND.

I tried removing the soldered on piece of wire that is between J2 GND and another ground plane, but this did not fix anything. I cannot see any obvious defects in the board.

Has this been an issue? Did I do something wrong, or is this just a faulty board?

Hi @jonoharms,
Sorry about this issue, and thanks for tracking down the cause. I agree that it is likely that the board will function with the redundant VDD pins. Nevertheless, I think this mistake is completely on us, and I’d be happy to send you a v3.4 board. Please send a Direct Message to me with your shipping address and I’ll send you one.

This is actually the first time we have had a faulty board come from this fabrication house, and it’s interesting their optical inspection QA process did not pick up on this. I will reach out to them to see what could have happened.



I just heard back from the fabrication house, and they took the time to go look through the optical inspection pictures, and it seems that the pin faults came up after. So I just want to clear their name, they do a really good job.
It may have gotten damaged by my handling when preparing shipping, or during shipping.

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