Single Axis BLCD controller based on ODrive

I am curently designing a single axis integrated BLDC controller based on ODrive firmware for my robotic arm project. My PCB is based on latest available v3.5 schematic. My design is single axis, so my board has no second DRV8301, no breaking resistor circut, and MOSFETS are IRFB7530. I flashed v0.5.1 firmware, powered my board with 30VDC, connected odrive-tool via USB, requested V_BUS voltage and it always returns 12.0v regardless of the real input voltage. I guess this happens because firmware unable to setup second DRV8301 via SPI and some tasks halts, but USB and other tasks keeps working. “dump_errors” command shows no errors. I tried to install toolchain and debug it myself, but was unable to install everything together correctly. I will try again tomorrow, but could someone, please, point me to the right direction. Or, maybe, there is already single-axis firmware?

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Try the 0.5.2 RC1. 0.5.1 has a bug that stops single-axis devices from booting.

Hello again.
I flashed v0.5.2 release and my board can’t be detected via USB anymore. Tried with original ODrive v3.6-56V - same thing. Tried to erase flash and flash v0.5.2 it with ST-Link - same. Tried v0.5.2-rc2 - same. Reverted to v0.5.1 - works well as before. How can I debug this issue?

It’s because v0.5.2 checks the version of the board written in the OTP region in your stm32. You should bypass that or have the correct board version written into your mcu.

Thanks for the info. Is there any documentation about OTP data or I should investigate source code? A month ago I accidentally put 30VDC onto 5V bus and fried STM32 and M0-DRV8301 on my ODrive, so I had to replace MCU and Mosfet driver.

It’s in [void system_init()]. or just search [if (!check_board_version(otp_ptr))]

A little late to the party… I’m curious if there is any progress on a single axis version? A little searching didn’t net anything, though I do see something called a single axis V3.6b on aliexpress… any idea where that came from?

I’m a little bit overwhelmed with some other projects, so single axis BLDS is postponed for now, but i will return to it shortly.
This single axis ODrive came from China, of course. They designed PCB themselves and used ODrive firmware. MOSFETS are different, but, I guess, there are some settings in firmware to tune DRV8301 to specific mosfets.

Yes, v4 is making progress. Fear not!

I redesigned the board to fit 50x50mm, and it works on the first try. Slightly messed up with the encoders, will fix in new revision. Thanks for help, please, close the topic.