Slow Motor Speed with 11v - N5065 270kv - 1.6kW motor


Default config in firmware. ( i believe it matches the n5065)

using a belt drive, 20t pulley on shaft with 11.1v 3S lipo

After doing the calculations, I should be seeing at least 1m/s and am seeing about .4 m/s.

There is no change in speed when i move up to a 14.8v 4S.

I am using the echo command as follows for testing:

echo “p 0 25000 0 0” > /dev/ttyACM0
echo “p 0 0 0 0” > /dev/ttyACM0

Any ideas one why I am getting such slow speeds?

I am moving about 100g on the belt drive.


Hi @john, welcome!

What tooth pitch is your belt/pulley?
The first thing to check is that the velocity limit is set to something that is sensible in your application, the default is quite slow:

2mm pitch
and the velocity limit is at 20000.

Any suggestions on a good speed?

Also, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
You’re the man!

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So 20k counts/s with 2400CPR encoder and 20t pulley and 2mm pitch belt = 33 cm/s. So that makes sense.

You can pick any max speed you think is safe, but don’t set it higher than 70% of base speed, as calculated in the Motor Guide with the appropriate inputs; or don’t set it higher than the encoder is rated for. The encoder I sell on the shop has a max speed of 400000 counts/s.

Thanks so much! I’ve been sticking with 200000

400000 count/s is 60*400000/8196~= 2900rpm and the specs sheet of the encoder says 7500rpm. Which is correct/ how does this go together?

Note that this topic is very old. Referenced was the earlier encoder. The new encoder can go much faster.