Some serious wrong with my odrive about SPI read AS5047P encoder

My odrive can’t get valid angle data from AS5047P witch SPI bus. Then, I disconnect SPI wire, and capture the wave with logic analyzer and find this:

It shouldn’t change the level about MISO, but there arm noise. What’s wrong with the Odrive or my board? Anyone help me, thank you very much.

You can try putting resistors (any value between 10 and 100 ohm) in line with the SPI wires, or updating the firmware. There is a fix for this - the SPI pins are configured in “Very fast” (100MHz) mode, but they should be in “fast” (10MHz) mode to avoid this noise.

Where can I find the fixed firmware?

  • for me I also noticed that the 3,3V to GND measured at the AS5047P encoder and at the ODrive is only 2,32V. Seems weird to me …