SPI3 to UART4 help

I’m currently working on a 4 omni wheeled robot. I have 2 Odrive 3.5s and one of these two communicates with arduino, but other one does not.
No matter how many times i tried reversing GPIO 1 and 2 pins in order to know if connection was correct, so i think changing SPI3 to UART4 might solve my problem.
I appreciate if someone respond to it.

Do you have more than one ODrive connected on the same pair?

It somehow works now. Now i have a problem that inconsistant start. I mean that it’s calibrating randomly (even connecting to anaconda randomly. Sometimes it’s connected, but sometimes it does not). I don’t know why, but when it start i works fine.
And other odrive starts fine but after few test motors loses closed loop control. Is it related to motor load?