Start-up support

I am interested in discussing/reviewing with an available forum member to assist in setting-up and operating an ODrive. I have been successful on a few occassions to run the Odrive using a Turnigy Multistar 2312 in both velocity and position controls, but these successful attempts were infrequent compared to the amount of time needed for set-up and debugging. It may be a faulty set-up or a simple oversight but would like to review further with anyone interesed in assisting my efforts. Thanks in advance.

Did anyone reach out to you? People on discord are usually around to help out also.

No one has reached out on this post. I have posted a similar request previously and was asked to document then share my issues. Any suggestions?

It’s hard to say what exactly you need help with. Is it just that you get errors commonly? Have you gone through the docs? Getting Started — ODrive Documentation 0.5.4 documentation

Yes, I have multiple times. I would like to discuss with someone outside of the forum in greater detail to diagnose the repeated issues and inconsistent operation of my current ODrive setup and code. The current documentation does not provide enough detail for me to correct these issues without further support. I am thinking it is a simple lack of oversight on my part that is causing the inconsistencies in operating the Odrive correctly. I appreciate all help.

I think the easiest thing to do is to post your wiring schematics, pictures of your setup, and maybe your code, and explain what issues you’re seeing.

ODrive does paid support also, if that’s something that interests you and is worth it.