Startup without calibration prosedure with hub motor and an encoder without index signal

Is there any way to control the motors into closed-loop velocity mode without the need to have a calibration setup on every startup that would need to turn the motors. I’m asking because I would like to use hub motors with build-in optical encoder (without an index) for a mobile autonomous robot and I can’t move the robot on every startup just for encoder calibration.

I have seen a discussion about using hal sensor as an make-shift index HAL + Encoder mixed mode , but that seems not to be implemented at current moment.


Only if you have an absolute encoder, or you’re willing to run in sensorless mode.

Is there a possible way to run in sensorless mode untill the wheels are calibrated and then switch to encoders?

I have found a partial answer to this question in a previous post: Connect Hall and incremental encoder

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