Strange Phenomenon, M1 affect M0 in close loop control

I use v3.5 24v. When I set two motors in close loop control, M1 works good, but M0 becomes shake and vibrate in a fixed range(about 30 degrees). The most strange thing is when M1 motor turns or I push it by hand, the M0 will become stable until M1 stop or I loose it. I tried different motors, 2 ODrvie boards and ABI encoders, Hall sensors, AS5047P(ABi and SPI interfaces), all of these combinations have this problem in CLOSE LOOP CONTROL, but it performs better in AS5047P(SPI mode) . I put a video below

ODrive v3.5 24v M1 affect M0 when in close loop control

BTW, there is no errors when M0 shakes, I can control M0 and the problem is same whatever in position control or velocity control.

I think you’re going to have to clean up the wiring. Due to the high currents used in ODrive, ensuring the wiring is noise-free is crucial to a good experience.

This used to be a problem with ODrive v3.4. Is this an official ODrive v3.5 from ODrive Robotics?

I am so sorry that it’s really hard to me to get the official board, maybe you can sell odrive on Taobao online shop (just like amazon) or you can find some dealers and make cooperation in China, you can find that there is a huge circle of robots in China. Now what I am curious about is whether this problem with v3.4 is due to PCB layout?

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I’m also a chinese user,brought Odrive on Taobao.
Have you solved this problem? I also met with this similar problem,maybe we can chat with Wechat ,my id :Iiyuhang ,thanks. (I is for i not for L)