Struggling to get started

Hi I am new to the Odrive, but I’ve decided to give it a go to use with my hub motors (3 phase brushless).

I have yet to see the motors do any spinning.

I have my odrive connected to my Windows 10 pc via USB, I have odrivetool setup and working, reading the bus voltage seems to work.

I have been following the getting started page and I am trying to get it working in sensorless mode.

So far I have followed this link

I am unsure on what I need to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello. I’m not familiar with sensorless settings. However, for those that can help you might need some help from you as well. What board are you using,. Power supply, encoder, latest configuration.,describe your set up briefly, pictures., What error messages if any…etc. that would save some time .


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