Swiss type Mill Turn center


Hey alexisdal, I hope the mini lathe you got is capable of making good parts. I didn’t realize they cost so much! Maybe get it working with an ODrive for both axes? Sure would look cool!

We’re launching the Kickstarter on April 20th.

If it fails for lack of exposure we’ll just launch again right after. I wanted to get a segment in the launch video about the ODrive but I couldn’t get any decent music longer than 2 or so minutes, so the ODrive part will be in a slightly longer narrated video as well as on the page in text.



When are you live? I want to be the first backer!!! :slight_smile:



Launched Kickstarter at 12 noon USA West Coast time.



Early birds went fast. Congratulations.
Do you have a guesstimate of shipping to Europe?
What are you planning to sell the SwissMak for after the Kickstarter campain?



I’ve been looking at shipping cost calculators to estimate, it varies greatly by country. I’m not sure how accurate it will be for the final thing but when I put in the box weight and dimensions, to ship it to Paris would be

365 - 605 dollars by air freight and would take about a week.
199 - 402 dollars by sea and would take about a month.

That’s what their calculator is showing me. Of course VAT tax in Europe will be more than that.

Once the Kickstarter batch is nearing completion we’ll begin taking normal orders, most likely in the same price range but it depends on the financial situation. Prices probably won’t go down with the economic policy of the current administration in the US.



Is this Kickstarter based in Fort Collins CO? If so I would love to be able to swing by and see one of these things in person… Found this as I was about to purchase a new lathe. Please email me.
thank you

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That’s less then expected for the shipping. Not bad for a 180kg machine:)

If you do plan to sell the machine for the same price, why should I back the Kickstarter when I can order for the same price at the end of the year with no risk.
It might be hard to reach your goal if it’s no discount on the remaining sales.



Anyway I can see this machine? I’m in Fort Collins as well and have been built my own cnc mill but it’s rather small work size make it’s sort of limited with out some creative fixtures… So this is very interesting to me.



Awesome machine! What kind of motor/PSU and feed screw setup are you using for the ODrive versions?



This thing look great. I am squirming with desire for this thing. I will let it stabilize and probably get one of these guys maybe next year. What software are you using? Is it something you brought from the ground up or something out of the box.



Did you have any update of your project?
Exited to see the production version Working