Switched Reluctance motor

Hi! Can anyone tell me if the ODrive is suitable to operate a Switched Reluctance motor. Thanks!

It depends on how many phases your SRM is, they are usually 2 phase bipolar, which the ODrive could maybe handle in a not-so-optimal way with a fair bit of firmware modification.

If you are referring to synchronous reluctance motors, then I think the ODrive could be made to drive them with some small modification to the firmware.

Hi thanks for your advice!

The motor is an experimental single phase stepper motor, 12 pole configuration running at 12 volts 30amps

I was hoping I could use a Raspberry Pi to generate the PWM signal in conjunction with the ODrive.

I think I will need an encoder and would appreciate your advice.



Please tell me more about this single phase stepper. I don’t think I’ve seen something like that.