The motor only turns in one direction

When running “AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE” The motor only turns in one direction.
I had this working but I can’t for the life of me to get it working again. So I have been pulling my hair out. I am not using an index pulse just to get it working and have reset to factory. I have checked my encoder Z, B and A channels on my scope and see what I expect.
motor calibration current is 30
7 pole pairs
8000 cpr
all these settings are the same as when I had it working. I did do a firmware update but I think it was working after that (I could be wrong here) It just does half of the calibration. I have just got back into this after a hiatus and I forgot how to list my settings so I can put them in here. If someone could tell me how to do that it would be great. Before I had this problem I had the motors running in step dir with no issues. I installed the motors in my laser machine and started having these problems. I am even still using the same encoder cable as before. Could this be a hardware problem?

What error are you getting? dump_errors(odrv0)

You can also try resetting your configuration with odrv0.erase_configuration()

You always seem to be the guy to help me out. The dump_errors was all I needed to trace down the problem. I was getting an ERROR_DC_BUS_UNDER_VOLTAGE on both motors. I checked out my power supply and I had a cold solder on the connector. Viola! Thanks for the info.


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