Three motor version?

How about making an oDrive board with three motor outputs?
That would be great for 3 axis cnc applications :smiley:

Maybe one day, but not very soon. For large CNC applications, in many cases you will want to have 2 motors on the Y axis to make it mechanically simpler than having a drive-shaft between the pulleys, and in that case you need 4 axes, so using 2 ODrives is good already.
Still yes it could be useful for some, but there are other things that have my priority:

  1. Significant work on software/firmware and documentation, make ODrive easier to use: Persistent parameter storage, firmware update over USB, and a sensible user interface
  2. Integrated ODrive, a lot of people are asking for this.
  3. A major revision of the regular ODrive to clean up all the ground issues and current measurement noise.
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